Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Last weekend was notable only because for the first time since I don't know when I did nothing. If not nothing then next to nothing. Don't get me wrong I did stuff, but just not much stuff. No trips out into the mountains, no big runs or rides, or mines or waterfalls, no adventures, hardly any exercise. Brought about in large part due the cognizance I talked about in last week's post.

Saturday Terri and I had to go to Asheville on Saturday and I had to work for a few hours after. Instead of both driving - which seemed excessive to the extreme - I rode with her up there and then rode my bike home after I was done with my work obligations. I was in West Asheville and after consulting my many maps found two possible routes: the first was to ride up highway 151 from Enka to Mt. Pisgah and then ride down highway 276 to Pisgah Forest and then straight up 280 back to Fletcher, the second was once again up 151 but then down the parkway to Bent Creek gap to Wash Creek Rd. and then out North Mills River Rd. The first option was the logical choice, of course, but it seemed like it might be a lot of miles without a lot of sunlight remaining. It might also require a lot of effort. The second option was shorter in distance and elevation gain, but also had a good section of downhill gravel that though doable isn't necessarily fun on a road bike. Not satisfied with either of the obvious routes I consulted the maps again and came up with a brilliant plan: instead of going over the Pisgah range I would go through town, skirt the edge of the fores, not do too much climbing or ride too many miles and still get in a ride. Crazy but that is just what I did. West Asheville to Bent Creek to Avery's Creek to Pennsylvania (!) to North Mills River Rd. Only 25 and still a lot of fun! But like I said I didn't do anything this weekend.

The nothingness was really expounded on Sunday when I literally spent most of the day hanging out quietly in the house. It wasn't until after 4pm when I finally put the leash on the dog and took him for one of our daily runs in my backyard. I had thought about driving to Turkey Pen or somewhere else  but then thought, why bother? It seemed like a great distance to drive.

Balance is always the key. I think I'll do something this upcoming weekend.

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