Tuesday, October 23, 2012

business as usual

Yes, the Double Dare was last weekend and as usual I was in it and had the best time I have ever had in my entire life. Seriously, riding bicycles in Pisgah does not get anymore fun than at the Double Dare. Yuri and I got sixth place for those of you that are counting. I am not counting and really don't care. Winning or losing is not why I do these things. For me it is about having fun in the woods with friends,  pushing my personal limits and having adventures. This year's race delivered on all fronts as it always does. A full race report complete with our routes, stories and pictures will be coming but you will have to bear with me and wait a few more days as life tics on and I struggle to find time to recount it all.

Sunday night after a hot dinner in the comfort of my own home my left quad seized into cramps and I fell on the floor and spent the next thirty minutes rolling around on the ground in agonizing pain. Terri, ever the supportive type, followed my instructions and found my electrolytes and within an hour I was back to normal with a cold beer in my hand. That is how the Double Dare goes for me.

Today life was back to normal again. Work consisted of hanging ten sheets of drywall that weigh something like 70 pounds each. It should have taken half a day but due to recovery took a full day. After work I couldn't resist the sad puppy dog eyes and took my best friend for our normal after work 6k run on our private trail system. It was just what we both needed!



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