Thursday, February 17, 2011


The Wednesday Night Drinking Club met last night for the first time in a long time. I had to go back and check but it looks like the last time I made a WNDC was 10/13/10. I think there was one after that I missed and then Dennis, Jonathon and I met at sunrise instead of sunset on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to try and ruin Jonathon's new bike, but other than that no middle of the week drinking for these fools until last night. We had a good group and after an epic fake out up Fawn Lake Rd. like we were headed for the river only to have our self appointed President take a right down Scarlet Oak and then left on Reasonover and we were headed instead for Joanna. Oh, what a night! Let it get strong, let it get bright... I bailed when my quad started cramping and my route might have looked something like this:

Fawn Lake Rd. > Scarlet Oak > Conservation > Reasonover Creek > Turkey Knob > Poplar Loop > Turkey Knob > Pinnacle Mtn. Rd. > Joanna Rd. > Grassy Meadow > Joanna > Briery Creek > Twin Oaks > Joanna > Conservation

I feel like I have a lot going on but at the same time not much. Got a project in the works, gonna have to ride Pisgah a bunch. I guess I better go and get to that...

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