Thursday, February 24, 2011

leave a note

Recently a member of the WNDC started a group email after watching 127 hours to remind us to leave a note before going on solo adventures. That group email led to a whole lot of 'reply all's' which somehow diverted the whole subject to hats which led to us all getting the world famous hats you have seen but we completely dropped the issue of the notes. I'm especially bad about this, always sneaking off for a quick ride, or to find some remote waterfall that even if I did leave a note nobody else could find anyway, but am trying to get better. So, last night I left a note.

The timing was wrong for me to make the WNDC last night and I was going to be in Pisgah Forest anyway, so Pisgah it was. I haven't been to the Fish Hatchery in forever so that is where I went. With 475 closed it meant I had to do a full loop:

475B > 225 > Cove Creek > 475 > Daniel Ridge > 475 > Longbranch > Butter Gap > Cat Gap


Not bad for a Wednesday. Pisgah is fun at night by yourself!

Monday night I did:

1206 > 5000 > 5006 > Spencer Gap > Spencer Branch > 142 > Trace Ridge > Fisherman's


Not bad for a Monday!

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