Thursday, December 9, 2010

terminal frost

My runners knee is still as good as ever and I have finally resigned myself to it. I won't be doing anything big for awhile so any hopes of making a dash across the Art Loeb before the winter are long gone. But with temperatures staying at or below freezing for several days the lure of Pisgah was just too great so last night I headed out for a nice little night ride. I like it when it is good and cold. It is so crisp and so refreshing, the ground is solid and silent and every moment you feel alive. The dark just adds to the thrill. The Drinking Club is worn and tattered so instead of puttering around Dupont I went and did The North Slope. I believe clockwise flows the best so that is what I did. I took my time and lingered, trying to make it feel cold but it never quite did. It was too much fun and got me a little excited for winter!

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