Monday, December 6, 2010

cool it down

Saturday I awoke to a light cold rain and snow which is perfect weather for being on the disabled list in Pisgah. I couldn't do much but wanted to do something so I parked at Coontree and headed for Bennett. The woods were surprisingly quiet and empty so I decided to mix it up some and headed North on 276 instead of South towards the Horse Stables. I usually only ride that stretch on my road bike and was a nice change of pace from the grunt climb up 477 from the bottom. I took it nice and easy and lingered at Sliding Rock for awhile as it isn't often you have it to yourself.



It was spitting sleet at me on the way up and by the time I got to 475B it had turned to wet snow and rain. Bennett was cold and wet and was as good as ever.


Sunday is still runday but I was hesitant to do much. I can't just do nothing though so I headed to Pisgah, of course, and did two trails that I had never done before:

Exercise Trail and Andy Cove.

They are as flat as Pisgah gets and made for a nice four miles or so. But they are still very much Pisgah. I didn't take my camera but wished I did when I got to Andy Cove. There is one of the biggest and most scenic suspension bridges in the entire forest over the forested cove. This trail was the biggest surprises I've had in Pisgah in a long time. I'll be back!

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