Thursday, April 29, 2010


Spring in Pisgah only means one thing: PMBAR.

My first race ever was pmbar. I'd only been riding a few months and it sounded like fun so why not? That year my seat post bolt broke and I pretty much walked the second 40 miles of the race. We took the 276 bailout but we finished and I got a nice blue pint glass for my effort. The second year it rained and rained and we took Turkey Pen Gap the wrong way but once again finished and this time the pint glasses was frosted but the beer still cold. Year number three I raced with Dennis and we went really hard and fast and finished fast but with only 4 checkpoints. We got 11th but the beer was cold and the pint glasses bigger than a pint! Last year it was me and Toby and we (I?) decided to take an interesting route and paid for it in the end. But we got all 5 checkpoints and still made it back before the keg was kicked.

What does this year hold in store? Who knows! I've been obsessing over the condition of certain trails and have been racking my brain thinking about routes but in the end it doesn't matter anyway. Winning pmbar would be sweet, but it is about so much more than winning I really don't care what happens anyway. Bikes and beers and friends and mountains and trails.

Today I swung by Smoker's Cove for a quick little ride and was sitting there trying to get up the motivation to get dressed and ride when a rider rode up and asked where the trail was.

"What trail?", I asked.

We figured out he was looking for Sycamore Cove and I gave him directions and he told me it was too nice of a day not to ride so that is what I did. Short but sweet. Another day in paradise.

Monday I was out obsessing over pmbar routes. Somewhere on Black:


Yesterday instead of making the drinking club I was still obsessing over routes. Somewhere on Turkey Pen Gap:



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