Thursday, April 22, 2010

and keep on drinking too

Evidently our fearless leader has suffered an injury and was not able to make the drinking club last night (heal fast!) so like always the ride fell apart and I fell off the back. Maybe running up and down the Black Mtn. trail and then going for a road ride and then running a 5k last weekend wasn't the best of ideas or maybe I hadn't eaten enough throughout the day but I really felt bad. Climbing airstrip hurt. Luckily everyone is tapering (they are hard core like that) so it wasn't a big ride and I was able to hang in there, sorta. It looked something like this:

Reasonover > Airstrip > Mine Mtn.



There is a big race this weekend but I'm not a big racer so I'll be spending my weekend at the beach with a cold drink in my hand dreaming of mountains. Good luck everyone! Have fun, be safe, drink some beer and bring home some trophies for the WNDC!


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  1. The only "race" I know about is next weekend!! Whoo Hoo!! I just hope my legs are ready for what my mind has in store for them.