Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why isn't it Friday today?

I'm done. Over trained and tired. My legs hurt and I haven't even run since Sunday's trip up the Black Mtn. trail. Trying to keep up with Broussard and Cook on the road Tuesday proved impossible but yesterday was Wednesday and with it being the most beautiful day of the year so far I couldn't help but make it out to Dupont for a little WNDC action. I played my game where I park at Lake Imaging, ride across the forest to Fawn Lake, say hi and start the ride with everyone before bailing early for my truck.

Lake Imaging > Jim Branch > Issac Heath > Locust > Lake Imaging > Buck Forest > Conservation > Bridal Veil Falls Rd. > Barn > Shelter Rock > Corn Mill Shoals > Laurel Ridge > Mine Mtn. > Fawn Lake Rd. > Reasonover > Lake Julia Rd. > Conservation Rd. > Buck Forest > Lake Imaging

The trails were in great shape and we had the biggest turn out of the year!


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