Monday, February 15, 2010

Indefinitely Postponed

I'm ready for the Pisgah36. I'm not the type of person who trains but I've been doing something that closely resembles organized training for the last three months. I'm physically and mentally fit, my gear is sorted out and I'm ready to go push my bike around Pisgah for 36 hours. The only problem the race has been postponed indefinitely.

With four inches of fresh snow on the ground Saturday morning it was clear the midnight start next week was in limbo. I needed to ride and a little snow wasn't going to stop me so I outfitted the bike with my new secret weapon and rode around the icey and snowy streets of Hendersonville for a couple of hours. The secret weapon performed perfectly and I did hill repeats up and down Stony Mtn. until the snow plow finally came around.

By Saturday evening the race had been called so I stopped tapering and took the dog out for a run to the top of Lance Mtn. There was a nice little layer of fresh powder on the trail that made for a perfect tread. With blues skies and a bright warm sun it couldn't have been any nicer.

I plan on doing the Shut In Race next fall and forsee more of this in my future:


Valentine's Day morning means a big breakfast and then a nice dog walk. Mt. Pisgah in the background:


No longer tapering means I had to ride and a little snow didn't stop me from taking the road bike out for a spin. I headed up to the top of Jump Off Mtn. About halfway up it started to flurry lightly. As I slowly worked my way up the mountain the snow slowly picked up. By the time I got to the top it was snowing hard and starting to stick to the snow packed ground. It was snowing so hard that I was having to creep down the normally 40mph downhill. I was worried that it was snowing just as hard in town which would make for a treacherous trip back up highway 25 to my house. It was a case of tragedy narrowly adverted and the snow slowly tapered off as I worked my down the mountain. Halfway down it was a light flurries again and once I made home there were blue skies!

Pisgah is out there somewhere:


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  1. Hate to hear that about P36. I know you were looking forward to the suffering to come. It looks as if MMC will be altered a bit. Check out Talk of snowshoes and knee deep snow.