Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Close Call

Even though I have officially quit mountain biking I hadn't yet quit road biking and as such I headed out today for a quick little spin up to the top of Jump Off Rock. Everything was going great until my return trip up 5th St. There was a lot of traffic on the roads and they were driving very aggressively and trying to force me onto the sidewalk even though I was going the same speed. No big deal until I got to the Main St. intersection. The stoplight turned yellow and the car in front of me speed up to drive through it. I stood up and started to crank through as well when suddenly at the last possible second the car in front of me stood on her brakes and stopped very suddenly. I was moving fast and even though I simultaneously tried to stop and serve to avoid a wreck there was nothing I could do and I crashed into her hard. I landed on her truck tangled in my bike and then bounced to the street. I got up and realized other than some bruises I was fine. I checked her car and it was fine so I walked up and knocked on her window to tell her everything was fine. She was completely oblivious that anything had happened. I hit her hard and felt her car shake as I landed on it and she had no idea!

This is going to hurt tomorrow. Maybe I should just stick to the running thing. I'd better get some more duct tape!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah when they're on the phone...they are oblivious to everything else around... glad you're rode away w/o injury...

    Mountain biking = You vs. Mother nature

    Road Biking = You vs. Mother nature + every idiot on the road, rouge squirrels, stray dogs, people driving and eating, texting, putting on make up, with two dogs in their lap, looking back to attend to the baby who's dvd player needs to be restarted....

    be safe & Merry Christmas