Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pisgah 99

It all started with a simple email sent out to members of the WNDC:

Unofficial, solo, self supported +/-100 mile time trial. Not a race, not a group ride, nothing more than a suggested route and a suggested start time:

Upper White Pines. 5am. Saturday 11/14/09.

Bring everything you need - nothing will be provided. Be prepared - there will be nobody to come looking for you if you aren't.

Nobody knew what to expect. We worked hard on the route and I had a pretty good idea that it was going to be hard but like everyone else I underestimated just how hard it would be. Twelve riders started. Brad Kee finished at 2:37am for a time of 21:37.

Many thanks to everyone who made the 99 what it was. I'm glad to have friends who like to ride their bikes in the woods. Thank you all!

I bailed at the bottom of Cove Creek and made it back to camp at 10:15pm.

What day that was!


All mileages are approximate and unreliable

Right on Avery Creek Rd./FR477

01.28 Right on Clawhammer Rd./FR 5058

05.22 Right on Black Mtn./127

07.00 Left on Turkey Pen Gap/322

12.14 Left on South Mills River/133

12.80 Right on Mullinax/326

13.97 Straight on Squirrel Gap/147

20.51 Right on South Mills River/133

24.46 Left on Pink Beds/ 118

27.29 Right on Hwy 276

30.61 Right on Blue Ridge Parkway

35.58 Right on Big Creek/102

40.00 Left on Fletcher Creek/350

40.68 Right on Spencer Branch/600

41.60Straight on Spencer Gap/140

42.45 Right on Trace Ridge/354

44.99 Left on Hendersonville Rsvr Rd.

45.49 Right on Wash Creek Rd./FR5000

47.41 Right on Yellow Gap Rd./FR1206

50.92 Right on Laurel Mtn./121

56.72 Left on Pilot Rock Connector/ 110

56.91 Left on Pilot Rock/321

58.95 Right on Yellow Gap Rd./FR1206

62.84 Left on Hwy 276

64.28 Right on FR475B

67.28 Right on FR225

68.29 Left on Cove Creek/340

71.29 Right on FR475

73.98 Right on FR5003

76.92 Left on FR140A

77.82 Right on FR140

79.07Right on Kissee Creek Rd./FR5031

81.06 Left on 140A

81.61 Left on Farlow Gap./106

84.78 Right on Daniel Ridge/105

86.48 Left on FR475

88.43 Left on FR475B

94.04 Left on Hwy 276

94.69 Right on FR477

94.84 Left on Club Gap/343

95.76 Right on Buckwheat Knob/122

96.94 Straight on Bennett Gap/138

99.90Right on FR477

99.99 Finish! Good job!

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  1. I would like to say that I wished I could have joined you, but that is not 100% correct.

    I would have loved to ride with you guys, just not sure about that route! That is crazy!