Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The List of Essentials

Wednesday Night and there is no bicycle riding. Just a whole lot of rain and a seemingly endless barrage of things that need to be done. I really need to be out riding my bike and making a good decision about whether I do the Big Hush, Hush Ride this weekend on the new silly movable fork or the old trusty yellow rigid one. I really like how nice and predictable the rigid fork is. I know exactly how it is going to behave no matter where I point it and when it is time to climb I can just stand and go. But I don't like the way my hands feel after a full day on it. At the end of the Wild100 this year I really thought I was going to puke at any moment from the pain.

I've ridden the new movable fork once, for an hour and half. The way the bike squished felt weird and wrong and my hands still hurt (but not as bad). The new fork is also rather heavy, even when compared to my already heavy componentry. And perhaps most importantly it is not yellow and throws balance of the bike off. When Terri saw it on the bike she said, and I quote:

"I can't believe you put that on there."

I've also been toying with the idea of taking a new pack. Very minimalist and light and should hold plenty of warm bulky clothes and enough food to last all day and all night but is it stable enough to get me through the non event? And speaking of lights I am still yet to test my new light set up. I went ahead and sold my HID that I've used the last three seasons and used the money to buy two new 900 lumen led's and an extra battery. I will run one led on my helmet and another on the handlebar. The handlebar light will be on low and will be used while climbing; for the downhills I'll just put the helmet light on medium. With an extra battery I will be able to ride all night without any need for concern.

What else do you need for 100 miles of self suppoted Pisgah? Here is what I have so far:


Oh, and look at what I just found! What a glorious day!


If you haven't heard about the hush, hush big ride plan for this weekend but want to let me know.


  1. and here just a few months ago in the parking lot before PMBAR you were telling me that rigid was the way to go. I have since listened to you and swapped out my shock for a rigid.

    Looks like to take good care of the top tube.

  2. Don't believe this Clay fella. He is a misleading hard ass. Sucks I menat bad ass.


  3. Can I borrow your needle nose pliers?