Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Mini

I went out for one of my shortest Pisgah rides ever tonight. Sycamore Cove (clockwise) and The North Slope (counter clockwise). I got a new light last week and was itching to try it out and figured a short ride would fit the bill. Sycamore Cove though short really is a fun little trail but I only ride it a few times a year. I'd rather just head straight up Black instead of piddling around down low... This skinny at the bottom is always fun:


When I got to the North Slope it still wasn't dark so I tried to waste some time by studying the new 780 map that they have posted at the kiosk. I've heard a lot of talk about it and wanted to check it out. There are several notable omissions on it but I was more concerned about additions. After a careful review of it I did find some very interesting roads that are not on the old edition. Of most interest is 97d. I knew it existed and from what I have heard it is a hard to follow trail but the new map shows it as an unimproved road which makes it bike legal and means I have some exploring to do!

The new light is going to take some more testing before I come to an opinion. I was hoping it would be good enough that I could sell my hid I've been using for years but just can't decide. I guess I'll have to see how it handles the Wednesday Night Drinking Club.

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  1. Sycamore Cove is a classic at any time. As a warm up before tackling the big long climb of Black or as a tasty desert to a 40 miler ending with Thrift after Black, Grassy Road after that and two sugary choices of down on Sycamore.