Monday, January 31, 2022

Keyhole Reprise

With a Phish show to catch in Vegas that night, I didn't have a lot of time to do a canyon on my last day in Zion but Adam and Andrew were itching to do something and both Jeff and I were game so we did Keyhole for my second time. Keyhole is logistically a very easy canyon to do - it is right by the road and doesn't have a long approach or exit and you can do the whole thing in under an hour. I had been a little apprehensive when we had done it on Sunday evening since it was my first Zion canyon but after three full days of big canyons Keyhole made for a fun romp and the perfect bookend to the canyoneering part of my trip. Just six hours after leaving the canyon I would be at the MGM Grand Arena waiting for the lights to go down for the first of four shows leading up to Halloween. Adam and Andrew were going to Phish as well but skipping the first night so they could get more time in Zion. Night one would not dissappoint as the setlist had a theme - descending numbers - and the band was on fire. During the encore of Backwards Down the Numberline I found myself trying to go back through my mind of all that I had seen and done in Zion and wondering what the next three days in Vegas might bring.

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