Saturday, February 20, 2021

february rains

Thirty-three degrees and raining - just another February Saturday in Pisgah. The forest is nearly empty, just a few fishermen and hikers scattered about, and once again I have the trails to myself. I do a favorite loop I've been doing quite a bit recently. I was here a week ago in snow and ice but today that is all about gone, washed away by the rain. At the top of the climb I briefly break above the ceiling and get a little respite from the rain before plunging back down the mountain. Driving home all the vehicles are gone except a solitary couple wrapped in a blanket looking out at Looking Glass Falls. March is coming and Spring is in the air, the forest will be coming alive again, get it while you can.

The week before:

Fressies on Black with Jess (photos by Jess):

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