Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Laurel Mtn. > Big Creek

Week 11 and I am losing track of the weeks. This summer is like being stuck inside of some weird vortex. Time is spinning but I am just standing still. Or maybe running along. It is hard to even know anymore.

The new training plan is going well. It suits my style much better and I find myself able to actually follow it. Monday is still a rest day and I do moderate runs with Akira Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a short run on Friday. Akira likes to drink and swim so we just go to North Mills River or Turkey Pen, nothing too fancy. Back to back runs on Saturday and Sunday. For week 10 that was a 14 mile and then a 12 mile. Last weekend it was 24 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. I cheated on the five miler and went hiking with the dog and wife instead - sometimes it is good to cheat.

I still don't feel like driving far so for Saturday's long run I just went out to North Mills River and did the classic Laurel Mtn to Big Creek route. I've mountain biked the route many times but this was my first time running it and it was a lot of fun. After the initial climb up Yellow Gap Rd., Laurel Mtn. is quite gradual and it felt like I was floating up the trail. I skipped the summit to Mount Pisgah due to all the people and headed straight for the solitude I knew Big Creek would provide. Once I got down to the reservoir I was light on mileage so I took Yellow Gap trail in hopes of extending it but when I got back out to the road I was only at 21.5 miles so I headed back up the road for another mile in a raging storm so I could get the full 24 miles in. 

 It was an excellent run. Please enjoy some pictures.

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