Tuesday, July 16, 2019

you don't get a refund if you overtrain

The middle of July and once again I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog. June has come and gone and with it went my first month of training for the Cloudsplitter 100k. I have never been much for formal training, instead, I just run and bike for fun and try and listen to my body but at my wife's urging, and with her assistance, I have a formal training plan and June was spent making an attempt at following it. Normally I spend the summer relaxing near or on the water and not biking or running much and so far this summer I have managed to avoid biking but last month I ran more than I have ever run before and didn't spend nearly enough time near the water. The training plan is ambitious and I've been rather loose with how closely I am following it. For one thing, it has rest days which are not something I do so I have modified them to 'active rest days'. It also doesn't take into consideration important life events like Phish concerts so there have been some modifications there as well.

For the most part, my routine has been active rest on Monday and then running all other days with long runs on Saturdays and shorter recovery runs on Sundays. In the past, I have almost exclusively run on trails with lots of climbing but I have started to due the unthinkable and are running gravel roads as well now. My Sunday routine has been to run out and backs, mainly on gravel, stopping halfway to fish for a few minutes. We'll see how long I can keep that up.

June highlights include running The Big Nasty with Yuri on a stormy Saturday.


Then there was another Saturday where the training plan said I needed to run 18 miles so I thought out and back on the Art Loeb to Cold Mtn. would be flat and easy. I guess I forgot how challenging that section of trail was because although Black Balsam, Tennent, and Flower Knob were easy enough but by the time I got to Cold Mtn. I was tired and coming undone.



After the return trip across the Narrows, I bailed and opted to take the flatter and easier Ivestor Gap trail instead.




A late start meant I got to enjoy a perfect sunset from the parkway.


And then there were the Phish concerts. The Head Honcho at Pisgah Productions has become my show buddy and we took his van to the Charlotte show where we were rewarded with a very hot show featuring Tweezer which would appear multiple times out of seemingly nowhere. Then it was on up to Merriwether Post Pavillion for both of our first times at the classic venue. The Saturday night crowd was out in full force and there was going to be no topping the Charlotte Tweezer Fest but it was still fun, and quite an adventure.


After driving most of the night and morning to get back home, Sunday afternoon I was back out in Pisgah, parked at the bottom of Avery Creek road and running my way to the first waterfall where I would get in my fishing fix.


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