Sunday, December 23, 2018


Sometimes I think I might have a Pisgah problem. As soon as the snow stopped I found myself once again headed to Pisgah and with highway 276 barely passable I parked at the Ranger Station and headed up Black Mtn. Trail. The snow was deep and the was trail covered in downed trees which made running hard. I got the first tracks but turned around just below Hickory Knob after an hour of hard effort.


A week later and still unable to shake the monkey and I'm right back in Pisgah again - this time for a quick out and back to John Rock.



The clouds were replaced by bluebird clear skies the next day and Black Mtn. was calling once again. The first mile of the trail was still covered in deep snow but further up on the sunny ridges the snow was almost gone and I was able to actually run.

It had been a week since the snow storm so I was quite surprised to see the only tracks were mine from the week before. I turned around at Turkey Pen, saving the top for another day. 




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