Thursday, June 8, 2017

Chattooga River Trail

A few weeks ago Yuri and I got out for a fun outing around the Chattooga River. At first we were headed for Panthertown but then decided to check out the trails in and around the northern part of  the Chattooga river instead since it was a place where neither of us had been before.

The trail alongside the river was great with many highlights, my favorite of which was going for my first swim of the year, but the best part of the run came just a few miles from the finish when we stumbled across a city of granite. This was a unique place with many nooks and crannies to explore. Like the rest of the run it was unexpected and unknown and as such we were unprepared. A rope, or at least a headlamp, would have been quite useful.  It is just seconds off the road and there isn't a whole lot in there but it makes a very nice addition to an outing in the area.  Find it if you need it.

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