Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cedar Rock Mountain

 Longer isn't always better when it comes to trail running for me. One of my all time favorite routes comes in at an easy eight miles or so. Starting from the Fish Hatchery:

Cat Gap > Butter Gap > Cedar Rock Mtn. > Art Loeb > Cat Gap > John Rock > Cat Gap

cedar rock

Once you get to the Butter Gap/Art Loeb intersection take the unmarked trail 90 degrees to your left. This trail takes you over the top of Cedar Rock Mtn. Along the way there are two separate pitches that are full on scrambles where caution must really be exercised. The views, of course, are outstanding.

Yuri and I managed to get together for this run the Sunday after Thanksgiving while the whole world was on fire and it was just what we needed. We traversed Cedar Rock just as the sun was setting and then stopped on top of John Rock in the dark to look down on the Hatchery and out passed Looking Glass Rock up to the Parkway and beyond and I couldn't help but state aloud just how lucky we are.

Just eight miles and a lot steeper than it looks.



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