Saturday, July 16, 2016


It is hard to remember that just a few months ago I was busy riding bikes and running across mountains as now I seem to be spending my time floating across lakes and sliding down ropes on waterfalls. But summer is here and the time is right for playing in the water.

Last weekend's adventure found me in an exotic land where Edmund and I paddled an impossible distance across an enormous lake to a hidden cove where a pristine mountain stream tumbled into the lake. I parked my kayak on a stone and we spent the next few hours rappelling the waterfall and playing in the lake. The rappel was actually really good with a tight and technical top section and then a second pitch down into the lake that we determined could safely be jumped. After getting our fill we were faced with the impossible paddle back to the boat launch and were quite exhausted by the time the journey was over.








Sunday morning coming down and I find myself at yet another lake with Terri and not wanting to do much but lay back and enjoy the ride.


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