Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Panthertown Valley

I have a lot of maps. A lot more than I should. And I spend way too much time looking at them and day dreaming about all the places I can go. But when it comes down to actually picking a place to go I never can decide.

How far do I want to drive? Do I want to run or maybe ride?  I pull out maps and ponder my options. Something new or something I have done before? Perhaps a little fishing thrown in for good measure?

This goes on for hours.

I come up with a handful of options and it takes a lot more work before I can decide on something. Last Sunday it was between the Cataloochee Divide in the Smokies and Panthertown in the
Nantahala. In the end I picked Panthertown and it was perfect.

An awe inspiring run! Just amazing stuff everywhere I went!

Panthertown Valley > Little Green > Macs Gap > Big Green > Great Wall >  Panthertown
Valley > Green Valley > Macs Gap > Greentown Creek 

I had been to Panthertown Valley several times in the past but always with a bike and found the trails more enjoyable on foot. Little Green was the obvious highlight but Great Wall was outstanding as well. Over the course of the 12 mile run I saw no less than four waterfalls, climbed two mountains, forded multiple streams, slayed a dragon and rescued a heroine. Not a bad day in the woods! So good I'll likely go back this weekend and run the other side of the valley...






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  1. Nice. I'll be down that way a lot in '16. Maybe you could take me on a tour of Panthertown.