Thursday, April 30, 2015

a pair of shoes to last through may

The end of April in Pisgah can only mean one thing: hardcore training for the spring race season. PMBAR and PRAR are the first weekend in May and then later in the month come the 111 and 55. PMBAR is indisputably the biggest race of the year and is truly a local's event. This year will be my tenth time participating in the twisted fun of pmbar and my second time trying my luck at prar. While other's have legitimately been training I have spent the winter and spring just trying to have fun. Vegas and Tahoe with some local runs and a ride or two scattered about. Big mountains, maybe, but no big miles. So be it, I'll go out there, see what happens and hope to have an adventure or two along the way.

Here is a snapshot of my training regimen:

So, it is Sunday morning and I'm sitting in my truck at Fisherman's trying to decide where to go. Around me several groups are preparing for one last big ride before the big day - heading up to Laurel Mtn., no doubt - and I'm trying to decide where to go fishing. I want to go to the waterfall on Slate Rock Creek but that sounds like a really far way to ride a bike so I decide to head a much shorter distance to the Hendersonville Reservoir instead. The ride is short enough that I am able to pretend I'm Superman and the fishing is good.

Wednesday afternoon and I'm pulled up at Fisherman's once again. This time I have to do the ever important Test The Bike Ride and head to the reservoir, of course, where I know the fishing will be good. The ride is short enough I am able to pretend the bike is in brand new condition.


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