Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sutton Top

So, it has been awhile and while what I really want to tell you about is last weekend's spectacular Rube Rock to Groundhog Creek run, first I need to tell you about my bicycle trip to Sutton Top -  otherwise this narrative might become askew.

It was the weekend after getting runner's knee coming down from Mt. Sterling when Yuri proposed we, gasp, ride bikes around the Smokies and check out the Sutton Top fire tower.  After a cursory glance at the map I agreed it would be a fun bike ride.

sutton top

A lot of gravel but also a lot of unknowns. A supposed fire tower and all of it new to me. Combined with a bum knee it didn't take much to get me to go along.

In the end it was okay. It was a long ride, almost all gravel, and I hadn't ridden since the Double Dare. And while it was a lot of riding I hate to say it but riding is kind of easy these days.

Pedal, pedal, coast, coast....

Just don't sit down for too long or you will get butt hurt.

So, like I was saying, Yuri and I rode forever to get to the Sutton Top tower but when we got there all there was were Verizon and US Cellular and other lessor competitors. But it was still a very good adventure. Mt. Sterling and Mt. Cammerer both played games with the horizon all day long while another couple of peaks just across the interstate sparked my interest...







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