Monday, November 24, 2014

10 day penalty

After a near marathon effort in the Smokies on Saturday I was beat on Sunday. It was pouring down rain all day but Duma was itching to go someplace so I obliged and headed to one of my favorite trails in the forest when the weather is crappy and I am feeling tired and run down: Andy Cove.

Nestled right in behind the ranger station this is a gem of a trail that Duma and I ambled along in the afternoon rain. I still don't know what happened but just after crossing the bridge I noticed what looked like a loose, bleeding sock around Duma's rear leg. It took a moment to register that he was hurt pretty good but once I did I quickly had a sock off myself and tied around his wound. Back down to the truck and then up the highway in the rain to the emergency vet. Three hours and many stitches later and Duma is recuperating quietly at home. Leave it to him and all he has been through to get hurt in a freak unknown accident on the easiest trail in the forest.


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