Tuesday, September 16, 2014

one slip

Last Saturday's run couldn't have been going any better: I was running on some good trails with a good friend and was having a great time pretending to be a rock climber and dodging rainstorms when I came off a high water bar and landed on an acorn. My foot slipped under the weight of my body and my ankle gave way and rolled all the way. Just like that I was hurt and that was that. We had just run up a scramble route where the chance of injury from a slip is very real but down on an official trail with good tread all it took was a single acorn to bring it all to crashing halt.

We had just passed the high point of the run and it was all down hill to the trail head and I could have either hobbled and moaned and walked back down or ran, so I ran the however many miles it was back to the car. It hurt and I spent that hour both cursing my rotten luck and being thankful that it wasn't worse.

Today my foot is all black and blue. Bruises streak across it but yet it can bare weight and I can't believe my luck that it wasn't any worse. Another case of tragedy narrowly adverted... Sometimes one slip is all it takes...

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