Tuesday, November 5, 2013

two lefts and a right


Somewhere on a mountain bike in Western North Carolina. "Stay left until you get to the waterfall and then pick a right," he said.




Duma and I headed up to the Black Mtns. to run a stretch of the Mountains to Sea trail and across the top of three new-to-us 6000' peaks. It was sunny and warm when we left the house so we didn't take much in the way of clothes and gear so when we pulled up to the parking lot and were greeted with blowing sleet and freezing rain I rummaged through my truck and outfitted myself with my work gloves, winter hat and Pura Vida Adventures hoodie. The run started with a nice climb up a series of switchbacks and by the time we got to the top the weather had cleared and it was nice out again. I was tempted to stash all the heavy and bulky clothing I'd brought but thought better of it and carried it all with me. Good thing I did because when we topped out on the top of Potato Knob the conditions had changed again and winter had full on broken out. A hour later it was sunny and warm again.

An excellent run.






Moutain Biking Big Ivy.

Photo by Yuri.

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