Wednesday, November 20, 2013

breathe in slow

Got away with Terri for a few days last weekend. Rented a cabin just yards away from a back gate to the Great Smokies National Park. When we arrived Friday it was cold and the rain was freezing but that didn't stop me from riding into the park and going out and back as far as you can take a bike on the Deep Creek Trail.


Saturday was to relax so all I did was ride my bike back into the park and then ran Deep Creek trail to the Mountains to Sea and then back down Sukota Ridge trail for a nice ten mile run before riding my bike back to the cabin. Four hours, door to door. And then off to the hot tub.


Sunday to relax as well. We drove out to the end of the Road to Nowhere, walked through the tunnel and then hiked the Gold Mine Loop before driving home. 




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