Thursday, June 20, 2013

islands in the stream

Last weekend was the most laid back ones in awhile. I felt like I hardly did anything, which sometimes is just what I need.

But of course I did some things. Saturday was the first Pisgah Enduro race and Pisgah Productions had offered me a paid position of pre-riding the course to ensure all the course markings were still in place. So I was on the bike at first light and headed up Rattlesnake. Early morning is one of my favorite times and this one was particularly sublime and enjoyable. With the race only being 26 miles with a shuttle to the top and then a one at a time timed descent I had plenty of time to do the pre-ride and there was no need to hurry as no racers would be catching me this day. So, I just took my time and enjoyed the ride. It was so much fun that the idea of accepting money for being given the motivation to get up early for a ride seemed absurd. Thanks for the good times as always, Pisgah Productions!




Sunday I took the dog for nice and easy stroll up the Davidson River Gorge. I have ridden by bike past it hundreds of times but have never gone down in there. It wasn't as dramatic as it appears from above on a bike but it was very pleasant nonetheless and both of us had a great time.



And for some canyoneering content here are a couple pictures and a video Yuri took on our last adventure:





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