Wednesday, January 23, 2013

in my own backyard

The only thing of note this weekend occurred at the end. I took Duma for a run on my backyard trails on Saturday and then in the afternoon went to Pisgah to test my fork I just rebuilt. Sunday morning I ran the dog again. Then I went to work for the afternoon. When I got home I took Duma for a run again. I had stopped at REI and bought him a new leash as I'd noticed he was close to breaking the clasp on his old one and he was excited at the new accessory. We stopped at the bald to watch the sunset and Duma tried to play tug with his new leash. I snapped a pictured and then we turned to leave. It was now dark so I reached to turn on my headlamp but it wasn't there. I then checked my back pocket and it wasn't there either. My front pocket; no again. Everything one last time, not there, for the final time.

So, we ran/walked/crawled back down in the dark. It took me back to when we first moved into this house and I took the dog for our first run and we found ourselves lost in our own backyard. Now we know the trail system well and run back there almost daily. We can do as little as 20 minutes out and back to the bald or as much as two hours with very little overlap. The trails and roads are not the best and are everything except 'sustainable' but there are a lot of them and they are right out my door and nobody else uses them and the views cannot be beat!

Saturday morning:


Sunday night, Duma playing tug with his new leash:


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