Sunday, November 20, 2011

balling that mountain

I worked all weekend but still got out to have some fun when I could.

This afternoon I got home at 4 and grabbed the pack and the dog and headed off to hit the top of Ball Mountain. As I was jumping in the truck I spotted my headlamp on my workbench and threw it in the pack at the last possible moment. That was a good move as the days are growing short and even the smallest of mountains take a little time to get to the top of and of course you still have to get back down again.

Ball Mountain as viewed from the parkway:


Wide open woods and easy bushwhacking, at or around Ball Gap:


At the top there were a score or so of very old stone mounds. Who can tell me what these are?


View from the top:

Saturday after work I met Dennis and we did:

South Mills River > Mullinax > Squirrel Gap > Cantrell Creek > South Mills River > Wagon Rd. Gap (HIKE) > Turkey Pen Gap

It was four years to the day I broke my hand on Cantrell. Here is Dennis on Cantrell riding some trail work I did recently:


Friday I rode with Dennis after work as well except I suffered multiple flats and bailed back down to the truck before anything was photo worthy.

Thursday I rode with Pura Vida Joe. We did:
477 > Clawhammer > Black > Buckwheat > Bennett

Joe on Black:


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