Thursday, June 9, 2011

Be Double E Double R You In

I made it out for the Wednesday Night Drinking Club last night for the first time in awhile. I had planned on parking at one of the closer lots and riding across the forest but once I got to Dupont it started storming so I just kept on driving all the way to Fawn Lake. It was one of the rare times when every official card carrying WNDC member was present and made for a very fun night.

We headed straight for the river. Dupont is not technical riding and the trickiest spot in the forest is the Little River crossing on Corn Mill Shoals. When I first started riding with this group I was a little surprised when everyone walked the crossing as I was accustomed to riding it but then a year later everyone was riding it. I think one night we had a pace line of eight riders make it across. Now after a few close calls only a few of us will even attempt it.

Here is Broussard making the best of a failed squishy attempt:

David Cook has always tried it and if the dab isn't caught on film it isn't a dab:

Dennis Kuntz usually makes it as was the case this time:

As for myself, well, I have it dialed.

From there we went and rode some of the new Cascade Lake stuff. Lots of fun. Very fast and flowy just like Dupont is known for. I must say I prefer the gnarly Pisgah trails but Dupont makes for some fun and easy cross training.

Somewhere along the way the group fell apart as it always seems to do and I headed for the top of Cedar Rock as I wanted to make sure I got in as much riding as possible to make up for the long drive.

A brief pause at the top and then down the steep side of Cedar:

I don't know that I have ever stopped on the way down Cedar Rock but I had to this time. The clouds and the mountains were just to breathtaking not to try and capture on film:

From there it was just more of the same Dupont goodness. All alone I had no reason not to hussle and get in some easy miles, Corn Mill Shoals > Shoals > Laurel Ridge > Mine Mtn. > Beer > Mine Mtn. > Lake > Sunset > Home. All good, hardly a troad in sight!

I hung out at Fawn Lake by myself for a little while and then Jonathon and J came riding up and jumped right in. I tried my hardest to follow suit but chickened out. Then, at the last possible moment, went for a swim myself. The water was warm and invigorating and washed all sins away. These are days to remember.


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