Sunday, May 8, 2011

sunday morning coming down

I just got back from a nice Sunday morning stroll in Turkey Pen with Terri and Duma. Our plan was to retrieve the Bradley Creek checkpoint and spend a nice relaxing afternoon hanging out in the tent. We had a lunch packed and books to read and when we got there of course it was already gone. All that remained of the previous day's insanity were a few lonely flags and some gel wrappers. Sometimes that feels like the story of my life.


We walked around some and I looked for a geocache in a likely spot and sure enough one was there. No pen though.


I had stayed at the finish last night to watch David Cook and Yuri finish (very impressive riding guys!) and then helped pisgahproductions pack it all up. I got home after midnight and then stayed up to 4am sorting my gear and trying to unwind. Needless to say I was a little tired and when I took Terri up Vineyard Gap to see the trail work I did with PAS on Thursday this little bench that Carlos made sure came in handy.


PMBAR yesterday was an adventure in Pisgah if there has ever been one! We had a huge day and pushed our bodies and our minds as hard as I've ever pushed mine. Toby was a monster and regardless of what the results say I couldn't be happier with our effort. A full race report will come once I've had a chance to fully decompress.

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  1. Someone looks tuckered out. Hint: It's dose not have four legs.