Monday, November 1, 2010

Just a Juggalo

So if you are reading this I'm guessing you are wondering about the Double Dare. It is likely going to be awhile before I have time to fully digest it all but here is the short version:

We rode really hard and made no mistakes. I spent most of Saturday against the wall but we pushed on as hard as we could. At 10:30 Saturday night we reached the mandatory CP on Slate Rock for our 9th of the day but it was looking like we were certain to DNF. We encountered some kindred spirits up there on the rock in the form of Cook and Cissy and once out on Yellow Gap Rd. Cissy took off like a woman possessed and we all tried our best to hold her wheel. It took absolutely everything I had to grind out those final miles and we came in with only 11 seconds to spare by my watch. Sunday morning the wall was gone and though we made the tough call to forsake a checkpoint up front we hammered all day and came out in second place for our efforts.

It was an incredible weekend of riding. Thanks to everyone who was there and made it what it was!

Violent Clay at the top of Farlow:


Skinny Too Drunk at the bottom:



  1. Nice Work! that was close on the return Day1!

  2. Did you have to slam all of those PBR's before you went down Farlow?