Friday, August 6, 2010

hold what you've got

Terri and I got out for a nice little afternoon run yesterday:

66 Jumps > Bradley Creek > Squirrel Gap > Mullinax > South Mills River


I'd been hungry all day and sort of forgot about it when I got home and rushed to get ready. I took a quick hit of gel in the parking lot before we started running but that was it. A short while later on Bradley I bonked. My fingers started tingling, I got very light headed and came close to passing out. So I had to sit down and rest for a few minutes and eat a gel. That gave me enough energy to finish the run but by the time we were done with the run I was done. Good way to impress a girl!

In other news my 'race season' is starting to shape up. Wild100 on 8/14, Springmaid Splash on 8/21, Double Dare on Halloween, Shut In on 11/6, Pisgah 36 in February and The Mount Mitchell Challenge in February. Biking events one weekend and running events the next weekend. It should make for a fun fall and winter!

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