Thursday, April 15, 2010

where the water tastes like wine

I don't know why I take the bike out of the truck some nights. I get home at night and unload the bike and gear. I then sort through my pack and gear, refresh my water and food, throw the dirty clothes in the hamper and put fresh clothes in their place and then go to bed. Ten hours later I'm putting the bike and gear back in the truck and am off to do it once again. This must be paradise.

Tuesday, after work with Carlos:

The North Slope > Thrift Cove > Grassy Rd. > Sycamore Cove > 276


Wednesday Night Drinking Club:

On the steep little uphill pitch on Reasonover Zach started to make a move on me and I stood to jump when a stick kicked up or something and I threw my chain. This resulted in a violent impact with the ground as well as Zach's bike and left me with several nice puncture wounds. I parked at Corn Mill Shoals and made the river both times, no sweat. I missed the fireworks when David Cook detonated a wheel on Burnt Mountain.



The seasonal trails close today and Bennett was oh, so sweet on Sunday that me and David Cook met this morning at the bottom of 477 to ride it just one last time. A thick fog covered the valleys and we slowly climbed our way up and out of it. A Thursday morning in Pisgah in the Spring time. What could be better?



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  1. I can't wait to get down there again!!! PMBAR right around the corner.

    I hope to run in to you in the morning. I plan on bringing something that you probably could use.