Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here's where the rainbow ends

No doubt about it, Saturday's Squirrel Gap trail work resulted in no less than three bruised ribs. It only hurts when I move or breath but it could have been worse and I could have broken them and it could hurt all the time. It doesn't matter, what is done is done and I have a whole week to heal up before the race. Besides, a few bruised ribs is just what all my cross training has prepared me for. I'm going to be uncomfortable for much of the race, what does it matter if that discomfort is already there at the start?

It turns out that Sunday was my first 'rest' day in almost a month, one of five all winter. With all the snow and craziness that was this winter I felt like I'd hardly been doing anything but maybe I'd been doing something. I don't know. Taking the dog and sled up Black seems like an eternity ago. Other than the ribs I feel good and ready to go. This rainbow that was hanging over my house on Sunday has to be some sort of omen:


Last night I went over Broussard's house under the false pretext of fixing his deck and in the process got him to go over my bike and locate a pesky noise that had been troubling me. He suggested I take it for a ride so that is what I did after work today. I did Spencer > Trace taking it as easy as I could. Surprisingly, and much to my relief, the ribs hurt no worse while riding than while working or doing anything else. It was an entirely unspectacular but very pleasing ride - exactly what I was after.


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