Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coming in from the Cold

And just like that winter has passed. The snow is gone, the sun is shining and it is oh so warm.

Except for a few forays Pisgah has laid dormant all winter and we are just now getting back into her. Armed with small saws and big determination we are clearing the massive piles of deadfall that cover the trails. Underneath all those piles we are finding that the tread is dry and ready for fat tires. For the first time I am actually feeling my new bike under me on dirt and rocks and roots and it feels good!

Tuesday I felt like going for a ride and felt like doing Bennett but when I pulled up at Coontree I did some math and realized I didn't have time for Bennett so instead I went out and back up Coontree. It couldn't have been any better. This is what I moved here for.


Wednesday I once again didn't have much time and couldn't make the WNDC but was passing through Dupont on my way home and just so happened to have my bike so I stopped at Corn Mill Shoals for a quick little spin. When I pulled into the parking lot I was surprised to see at least a half dozen vehicles after spending all winter driving through and seeing nobody. I was even more surprised to find Dennis there two hours early for the club meeting. He must be doing some super duper extra secret training or something.

I had a pounding headache and I felt like absolute crap but we rode for an hour. Rock Quarry Rd. > Buck Ridge Rd. > Micajah > Wilkie > Corn Mill > Big Rock (out and back) > Corn Mill


Today I went to Pisgah, once again headed for Bennett. This time I went up Clawhammer to Black and worked on clearing it some more. Other than a few big tangles it is rideable but will eat derailleurs alive! When I finally made it to Club Gap I realized I once again didn't have time for Bennett and bailed down Avery Creek. Avery is a very sweet downhill that I really should ride more. Nice and technical!

Somewhere on the nightmare that is Black:


When I got home it was right out with the dog for a six mile run. Check out my stylish outfit!


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