Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back on the Bottle

For the first time in seven weeks the Wednesday Night Drinking Club was up and running last night. I met Jonathon and Dennis at Corn Mill Shoals for Dennis's last ride ever. He is getting married Friday and will be trading in the bike for a lawnmower and shovel (congratulations Dennis!). We started the ride by doing loops on the rock and then Dennis headed for home to get a head start on his impending doom while Jonathon and myself played around for another couple of hours. It was colder than I expected and we could see and feel the ground freezing as we rode. Jonathon wanted to go back across Little River but for the second time recently I had to veto his plan as being too risky and foolish.

Along the way we encountered a downed tree on the bad side of a blind corner on Pine Tree and even though it was seriously pushing my saw's capabilities we had it cut in three minutes:



We rode until 9:30. Biggest WNDC in awhile:

Corn Mill Shoals > Longside > Twixt > Rock Quarry Rd. > Buck Ridge Rd. > Micajah > Wilkie > Corn Mill Shoals > Big Rock > Cedar Rock > Little River > Cedar Rock > Big Rock > Corn Mill Shoals > Longside > Pine Tree > Sheep Mtn. > Buck Forest Rd. > Jim Branch > Issac Heath > Locust > Lake Imaging Rd. Buck Forest Rd. > Sheep Mtn. > Pine Tree > Longside > Corn Mill Shoals

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  1. Congrats to Dennis! Married life rocks...just gotta know where to shake it.