Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday is the New Wednesday

If there is one thing you can be sure of it is that it will rain on Wednesdays. With that in mind I met up at Jonathon at Dupont for a little Tuesday night action. We started from Corn Mill Shoals and headed out the back of the parking lot with the lookout on Rich Mtn. our goal. We had tried to make it there a month earlier but had to turn around after being bogged down by flat tires. This time we tried harder but still had to turn around short of our goal but not after a valiant effort.

When I was on top of Cold Mtn. last Sunday there was a big tower lined with red lights way off in the distance that I couldn't place. I was thinking that it was in South Carolina or maybe Conneste but couldn't pin point it. Last night it became very clear that the tower in question was on top of Rich Mtn. As we worked our way up and down Rich Mtn. Rd. the red lights of the tower were right there, tempting us like a beacon. "Here I am, come find me," the blinking red lights were telling us. We went down a road at the top that sure looked like it was going to lead to the tower but it was dark and our explorations had alerted every dog on the mountain of our presence and once we got to a gate we decided to turn around. Maybe we'll make it another time, regardless I now know what that tall tower with red lights in the distance is as I gaze out from the top of some mountain in Pisgah.

In other news the Pisgah 36 is now official. It is supposed to be less horrible this year but we all know that might not be the case. The weather is a BIG variable and if one was to actually race it to win they would have to try and clear all the checkpoints. We'll see what happens but for now I guess it is time to start training.

Unfair advantage?



  1. Interesting find. . .

  2. PBR Light? Is that just like one step above water?