Wednesday, October 14, 2009

After Work Squirrel Hunt

I met up with Cook and Cissy at Fisherman's for a fun little after work spin yesterday. Cissy, being the tough type, wanted to go hit Farlow but after a little discussion it was decided we would stick a little closer to the Mills River area and start with a little Squirrel Gap action. After all the rain we have been getting it was nice to see the sun again and during the descent down 5015 I found myself day dreaming and staring off at all the pretty leaves down in the many coves that line the road.

It is hard to stay dry at the Bradley Creek crossing at the start of Laurel Creek and I thought I saw a line across and tried to ride it. It was deeper than it looked and I had to make multiple turns on the way across which resulting in my falling completely in. I came up soaked and bloody with a long way to go. Oh, well, it was warm out and we had some climbing ahead of us.

Either Kenda is doing a little gorrilla marketing or they have already started flagging for the stage race. I just hope that they flagged the right spots and do a good job of sweeping up all the flags and trash that will come with the race:

Cissy making the turn off Laurel onto Squirrel!

Squirrel was very slippery with the bench cut in bad shape in many places but Squirrel is always a good time and to be riding it with friends after work made it all the better. David Cook at Cantrell:

When we got to Horse Cove it was decision time. Up to the top of Black and then Turkey Pen? That sounded fun but some simple math had us thinking it might be a little much. South Mills to Bradley? That sounded wet and even more slippery than Squirrel. Horse Cove to Funnel Top and then Pilot Cove? Yeah, let's do that!

On Funnel Top Rd. I once again found myself day dreaming and staring at all the pretty leaves. The sun setting behind Looking Glass Rock made it all the better:

We ran into a bow deer hunter who said he had seen 19 bears but not a single deer. I guess the bears like their sanctuary!

We did the Pilot Cove Loop clockwise and it was a push to the top but the downhill was very sweet and stopping at the rock in the dark was an added treat. The downhill is fast and tight and was way too much fun for the end of a night ride. All Cook could say is that we would have to go back and hit in during the day. Indeed!


28 miles, 7000' gain. Not too bad for a Tuesday night!

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