Monday, September 14, 2009

A Pisgah Classic

After spending a long weekend with my toes in the sand at the beach I couldn't help but skip out of work early and go for a little Pisgah ride. I spent many years living at the beach and while I enjoy the ocean there is nothing like the mountain air and the classic Laurel > Pilot loop did the trick.
Really not much to report. Laurel is a nice moderate climb and I was feeling spun out for most of it as I still have a 22t cog on the bike but once it started to get steep I was thankful for the extra teeth. Once I started the Pilot Rock downhill I noticed that my rear brake wasn't really working but never felt like stopping to investigate what the problem was. I made more of the switchbacks than normal and stopped to snap a quick picture at the rock before continuing on to the rock garden which I am still waiting to clean. A whole bunch of gravel later and I was back down at the campground exactly three hours after starting. Not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon!

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