Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Lights

After work today I was down in Pisgah Forest and just happened to have my bike with me so I figured I'd sneak in a quick ride. I did the classic Clawhammer > Black route and made it to the first overlook right at 7pm. Cold beer on a Friday night. Is there anything better?


As I sat there enjoying my beer and admiring the sunset I realized that the sun was indeed setting and as a result it was going be getting dark fast. Without a good light and still some pushing to go I fled for the bottom as fast as I ever have before. I was letting it all hang out on the descent but by the time I got to the big switchback it was dark and I had to pull out my emergency led headlamp and limp the rest of the way down. First time I've had to pull out the emergency light this year!


  1. You always seem to make the trips. I always envy the outdoor adventure you seem to put yourself into. Cheers.


    P.S. tell Terri I said Hi

  2. A Clawhammer ON Clawhammer?!?!?!? You did send a photo to Highland..... right?